Premier Trikes

Premier Trikes, Inc. is a company that is focused on providing classy and luxurious custom built trikes.  Each trike is special ordered and in compliance with the need and requirements of our client.  To assist in the decision process, Premier Trikes, Inc. offers three basic models very worthy of one’s consideration.  But we also have the expertise and flexibility to work with whatever our client is looking for in a custom built trike.  Premier trikes are powered with an automotive drive train and are titled and licensed in Kansas and most other states as motorcycles.  Our featured custom built trike is the Premier Roadstar trike. So take your time and view all that we offer and consider what options, that "best fit" your need. Thank you for your interest in Premier Trikes, Inc

Triking is Outrageous and Fun!

The excitement shared amongst triking enthusiasts of all ages is continually growing as the thrill of triking is being experienced, each day these trikes are being driven and shown.  Other exciting opportunities would include the Parades, Toy Runs, and the many other triking events that is being hosted by the growing number of  triking organizations. While some trikes are manufactured, the majority of them are either professionally custom built or built in the garages and back yards of the individual triking enthusiast showing that owning a trike is affordable and reachable for anyone that has found the desire and joy in triking.

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