Jeff Eck on Premier Roadstar Trike

Jeff joyriding on the Premier Roadstar Trike.






About Premier Trikes, Inc.

Premier Trikes, Inc. is located just north of Wichita, Kansas. We are proud to say that our trikes and parts are build in the heartland of the USA. The main goal of Premier Trikes, Inc. is to increase the number of trikes on the roads through our component packages, custom build trikes, and sharing of our experiences and expertise. We hope that we can find a way to assist you in your triking endeavor. We have invested a decade in building trikes and in that time have learned a lot about the "do's and the don'ts" and you'll find that we are  very open in sharing what we have learned from our experiences in helping others in their trike purchases and/or builds. 

Jeff Eck

Jeff attended Kansas State University Salina, College of Technology and Aviation. After excelling in college and earning a Bachelors Degree in Aeronautical Science, Jeff recognized opportunity in further development of the “custom built trike” business. He bases his expertise on his Aeronautical education, that he received from K-State University, and the mechanical abilities he has learned over the years of working with his father. Jeff has built and modified many trikes for different customers and had a major roll in the development of the Premier Roadstar Trike.   Jeff has a sincere passion in paying attention to the details, that special touch, that delivers a trike ready for show. The majority of Premier trikes have won multiple awards and trophies. 

Wayne Eck

Wayne has been self employed for the majority of his life. In 2000, on a vacation trip to Sturgis S. Dakota, with his family, Wayne found a passion for trikes and came home with a "new vision" and built his first trike.  Along with that vision, Wayne and his wife Sarah found their place with other trikers and have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and events that are included within the triking world.  Wayne is still active in the business and enjoys working with his son Jeff in the development of trikes and trike parts.