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Custom Built Trikes

When consideration is being given in building a custom built trike, discussion is centered on the need and desires of our clients.  Even though Premier Trikes, Inc. offers three models of Premier trike as a basic trike build there are many personalized options that are only limited by one’s individual imagination.  Our aim is to see that each custom built trike meets those personalized ideas, with safety being a major factor. Our focus is also directed to continually establishing new standards, for quality, comport and styling and our ultimate dedication is given to providing a safe, exciting, and enjoyable ride for all our friends, family and customers. 

All of our Premier Trike Parts, Component Packages, and Custom trike Builds are built in the heartland of America with our facility being located about 15 minutes NE of Wichita, Ks.

Premier Styles

Premier Trikes, Inc. offer three basic trike builds which includes the Premier Roadstar, the Premier XStream, and the Premier VW Venture.  Each model is the foundation to which innovative owners can build upon, incorporating their own personalized ideas into a ride that they can be very proud of. 

Both the Roadstar and the XStream trikes are built using the drive train of the Chevy S10 Blazer with the 4.3 Vortec V6 engine or equivalent.  The main difference between the two models is the location of the radiator.  The Roadstar has its radiator in the front, while the XStream has the radiator built in the rear body, making that trike a little shorter.     

The VW Venture is made using the VW drive train.  Personalized options would include items such as one’s choice of the fork assembly, wheels, seat, mirrors, handlebars and the list continues, depending upon the vision of the owner.

Each of the above models has a “beginning package” cost.  After establishing what our client expects from our service, an estimate is given for the completion of the project.     


All of these models are offered as a component package for the individual builder, giving them a head start in getting their trike built affordably and in a relatively short time.  For more information, Click Here to goto the builder section of this web. 

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