Kansas MVE Requirements

Kansas Highway Patrol Inspection requirements for "assembled vehicles"

Some of the titling requirements for building your own trike may vary depending on what parts you're using and the MVE (Motor Vehicle Enforcement) Inspection Officer that you're assigned.   For those that are interested in building their own trike, I would recommend that you get in contact with your local MVE Inspection Officer right from the beginning and let him know your  intentions.   This may save you a lot of time and trouble.  The first trike that I built, I  used a "fork assembly" off of a motorcycle, which my MVE inspector required that I have the title of that motorcycle in my name, in which that "fork assembly" had originated, since the ID numbers are stamped on the collar supporting the steering bearings.  Had I fabricated a new collar, then I'd only been required to show a copy of that title and a sales receipt.  Had I fabricated the complete fork assembly myself, then only sales receipts for materials would have been required.  For the motor,  I was required to have a copy of the title of the vehicle that the motor came out of and the sales receipt.  I would also recommend that the builder keeps all other receipts of parts used.  Basically most any major part used from an OEM registered vehicle requires a paper trail to show as to where it originated.  It has been my experience that if you use the frame, engine, transmission, rear end, body, or whatever, be prepared to show a copy of the title and sales receipt for that part.   Where an vehicle ID number is stamped, example on a frame or motorcycle triple tree, then normally proof of ownership is required. 


The  MVE Inspection Officer will also require that your assembled vehicle has working hi-low beam headlight, turning signals, horn, one rear view mirror, brakes, and speedometer.   


There is an alternative.  If you have a trike without papers then you can get a lawyer and go through a process that is called "A Quiet Title Court Order".  I understand that this is where a judge will issue a court order requiring the MVE inspector to issue an ID number for your project.  I have not done this and not sure of the requirements involved but it seems to me that it's much better to work with your local MVE inspector from the very beginning of the project.    


Once you've received an ID number for your trike, you then need to contact  your insurance agent and secure coverage so you can legally tag your assembled vehicle. 


If you're building a trike in Kansas, a simple phone call or meeting with your local MVE Inspection Officer will clear up any questions you may have and give you confidence to begin your project.   Check with the Kansas Highway Patrol web site to find your local Kansas area MVE Inspection Station. 


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